Example Pricing

Analyzing and reconditioning                                                            $10.00

Ni-Cd, Ni-MH or Li-ion.  If the re-

Conditioning process does not re-

Store the battery to an acceptable

Level you can decide whether or not to

Have it rebuilt.



12V Ni-Cd (most brands)                                                                          $37.50


14.4V Ni-Cd (most brands)                                                                      $41.25


15.6V Ni-Cd (most brands)                                                                      $43.15


18V Ni-Cd (most brands)                                                                        $47.00


19.2V Ni-Cd (most brands)                                                                    $50.00


24V Ni-Cd (most brands)                                                                       $56.25


Hitachi(R) and Hilti(R) batteries add $15.00 due to difficulty in configuring cells.


Rush Order                                                                                   Add      $30.00

 You must call, email or text

to confirm parts availability.

Filthy Batteries                                                                            Add     $5.00

If your battery has mud or grease crammed in the screw access holes, please clean them out, or it is my option to charge you for the time it takes me to do it.  You wouldn't believe what I've seen so far.

Rebuilding Glued or Sealed Batteries                                        Add  $20.00

   Cutting the battery apart and putting it back together with epoxy takes time.

Rebuilt/Used batteries                                                               Varies

We have a variety of used battery cases. Call, text or email  for availability.      

Chargers                                                                                           Varies

Call, text or email for availability.

Used Cordless Tools                                                                          Varies

Call, Text or email for availability.

Rebuild Ni-MH battery pack                                                Add    $20.00

Add $20.00 to the cost of the

Similar voltage rated Ni-Cd pack above.  I'm assuming you have the correct Ni-MH charger.  I take no responsibility if you try to charge a Ni-MH battery in a Ni-Cd charger.