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Clipper Blade and Shear/Scissor Sharpening for Barbers, Pet Groomers and Farmers.


For the finest in synthetic lubricants, choose Amsoil!

Click image to be redirected to my Amsoil website.

Click image to be redirected to my Amsoil website.


Our Goal is to give the people of the local area a quality product at a reasonable price.
— Jon Petersen-Paint Creek Services

We are proud to offer the following products.

We are constantly searching for products to offer our customers.  These products are chosen because they fit the needs of our customers and just as important, they are high in quality.

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Anvil USA

High quality shears for the pet groomer, hair stylist, barber, and fly fishermen.  Finished in the USA, in Columbus, Indiana.  Generations of history and knowledge go into every pair.


Groomers Helper

Stops The Biters! Stop The Struggling! No More Head Droppers! No More Spinners! Groom Safer! Earn More Money!

Saves time and makes money! It's like having an extra pair of hands. Use the Professional Set for advanced safety positions and put yourself in control. Use the mini-arms and side clamps for the no-sit position, the tri-tie for better face work, or position the dog away from the grooming arm.

This product is used by the top groomers and taught in the top grooming academies because it works.



Dog Shammy

Dog dryers, bathing systems, shampoo mixing systems, micro-bubble systems for dog groomers and veterinarians.  A very innovative company building quality products at a great price.


We sharpen clipper blades, shears/scissors, as well as repair clippers and dryers.


If you are a dog groomer, barber or hair stylist you probably have at least one pair of clippers needing repair, and a few dull clipper blades or shears taking up space in a drawer.  Let us help you get those tools in shape again so they can make you money.


We sharpen clipper blades and repair clippers.






See link at the very bottom for clipper blade sharpening example pricing.

Email address: info@paintcreekservices.com