How can I identify the clipper I own?

Most every clipper has an identification tag on the outside of the clipper.  The information on the tag includes: manufacturer, model number and sometimes even a serial number.  Common manufacturers are: Andis, Oster, Wahl, Furzone.  Common models are AG, AGC, Classic 76, A5, Master, Senior, Hero. Arco, Bravura.  I need as much information as possible to determine if I can fix your clipper.


How do I know if my clipper is worth rebuilding ?

If I can buy parts for your clipper, I can rebuild it.  However, you must determine ahead of time how much you are willing to spend to rebuild it.  I charge $18.50 to take apart your clipper and determine what parts I need and estimate final cost.  If you decide at that point you don't want to continue with the project, just pay the $18.50.


What kind of clipper blades to you sharpen?

I can sharpen "removable" clipper blades, following the Oster A5 standard.  There are many manufacturers who make this type of blade, including but not limited to: Oster, Andis, Wahl, Furzone, Geib, Saxon Edge.  You'll know the clipper blade is removable, because you can easily tilt the blade away from the clipper and remove it from the hinge.  Another type of removable blade is the Wahl, 5-in-1 blade, used on the Arco and Bravura models.  Adjustable blades require you to remove the blade by first removing two screws.  Some of the adjustable blades can be sharpened. 

How many times can I use my clipper blades before they need to be sharpened?

There are many variables to the answer of that question.  Do you clean and oil your blades regularly?  If not, do you allow the blades to run dry with metal to metal contact?  Were the animals dirty?  Did you drop the blades or the clipper/blade combination?  


What kind of equipment do you use to sharpen my blades or shears?

I use a Treyco hone for the blades and either a flat hone for convex shears or a Wolff Twice as sharp for the bevel edge shears.


Why would I rebuild an old clipper instead of buying a new one?

Many times it is cheaper to rebuild your old clipper rather that buy a new one.  If you are happy with the feel, comfort and operation of your current clipper, ask me for an estimate on a rebuild.

What products do you carry?

I am authorized to sell and service Anvil shears, Dog Shammy dryers, shampoo mixers and bathing systems, and Groomers Helper products.